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Sign-up online here and our VBCE representative will contact you to discuss your application. You will then be notified when your online account is set-up, usually within 2 business days, and you’ll be able to start transacting!

Each transaction encompasses three easy steps:

  1. Book your Exchange
  2. Make your payment to VBCE
  3. VBCE transfers out to your selected payee
VBCE Online Main Screen - Save Money 24 hours / day

Book Your Exchange

Log-in to VBCE Online using your client ID, username and password. Select the currency you wish to purchase and the amount. You will see the current rate and amount owed. Click Approve, and your rate will be locked in.

VBCE Online - Intuitive Interface. Powerful Features.

Select your funding method

You will then transfer your funds to us depending on the funding method that has been approved for you. This could be pre-authorized debit, bill payment, or wire transfer. Click here to learn more about funding methods

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